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Looking for a way to make your BBQ stand out this year? Look no further than these tips, which will bring that extra zing and make it a summer to remember.

1. Add a rub

Use a rub to add flavour to your meat before you throw it on the BBQ. These spice blends will soak into the meat as it cooks and leaves you with an impressive taste. You can get creative – why not have a mint rub with lamb, or use your chicken salt combined with hot sauce? There are plenty of recipes for inventive rubs out there, too.

2. Marinate your meat

If you don’t want to spend time over a rub, then there’s a much easier way. Marinate your meat in a sauce that will add plenty of zing – the spicier it is, the more points you get. Soak the meat in a roasted chilli and sesame marinade to make sure all that flavour gets sucked up, and then ripens while you cook it on the BBQ. Find our top Marinade range here.

3. Skewer it up

You don’t have to stick to just meat on the barbie – and some veggie skewers can be a lot more exciting than they sound. Grab some tofu marinated in sweet ginger and sesame and match it up with vegetables such as onion, tomato, red pepper, and so on. Cut everything into chunks, stick it on the skewer, and cook it over the heat. It’s food that comes with its own serving technique.

4. Mix savoury and sweet

You don’t think sweet food belongs on the BBQ? Think again. Try barbecued swordfish – or your similar fish of choice – and then serve it with browned butter and toasted pecans. You could even go all out and drizzle a bit of maple syrup in there to really mix up the flavours.


5. Cook over wood

As well as charcoal, you might want to start cooking over wood. Various types of wood produce different flavours – it’s all about the smoke that they release while burning. You can pick up small wood chips and chunks which impart that flavour alongside your charcoal to create a brand new taste.

This BBQ season, don’t let your food be boring. Celebrate Australia Day the best way we Aussies know how: with a barbie under the sun and a delicious plate of meat that will have everyone coming back for seconds. 


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