19 February 2018

5 Best Ways to Marinate Your Meat

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How can you marinate your meat in a much more effective way? These tips will help you to do it right. Get all the flavour you want and more by picking any of our five suggestions!

1. Tenderise your meat

Did you know that if you tenderise your meat before you add the marinade, the flavour will penetrate deeper? This will give you a much more flavourful meal and will bring extra depth to your marinade. Chicken and lamb are both wonderful when tenderised and soaked in the marinade.

2. Cut nicks into the meat

If you haven't already guessed how to marinate better, getting the sauce in deeper to your meat in a variety of ways is useful. Cut nicks into your piece of meat before you prepare it, and make sure to rub the marinade into those nicks to get it really soaked in.

3. Soak in your marinade for longer

If you leave your meat in the marinade for five minutes, you will only get a fraction of the flavour available. On the other hand, if you soak it for 50 minutes, the taste will get that much stronger. The longer you leave the meat to rest and soak up the flavour, the better result you will end up with.

4. Keep it hygienic

You probably don't realise there are ways to minimise bacteria growth while you marinate, but these steps are equally important. Don't leave your dish out on the side while you marinate it - this will allow bacteria to multiply. Instead, put it in a covered container in the fridge. Getting great flavour is fantastic, but you also need to take care of yourself!

5. Don't take too long

While it is good to soak your meat, leaving it all day is not how to marinade for the best effect. Leaving it for more than two hours can start to make your meat mushy. You want the perfect balance between tasting the marinade and tasting the meat, so time it carefully.

Once you know how to marinate following these tips, you will be on your way to success. Pick up a peanut and lime marinade and make your next stir-fry one to remember!

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