Vietnamese Mint and Coconut Dressing

Viet Mint Coco Dress2

One of our most popular dressings. A sublime mixture of fresh vietnamese mint, coriander, basil, ginger and coconut. Ideal as a dipping sauce

Nutritional Panel

  Serves per pack 12,5
  Serving size 20 ml
  Av qty Av qty
  per serve per 100 ml
Energy 138 kj 692 kj
Protein 0.6 gm 2.9 gm
Fat Total 0.7 gm 3.4 gm
Fat Saturated 0.5 gm 2.4 gm
Carbohydrate 9.3 gm 46.4 gm
Sugars 5.6 gm 27.9 gm
Sodium 257 mg 1290 mg

Ingredients: Water, rice wine vinegar (rice, wine, water), sugar, ginger, onion, fish sauce 9 anchovy extract 77%, salt, sugar), garlic, bonito seasoning (glucose, salt, powered bonito shaving, bonito extract, yeast extract, contains 621), soy sauce,(soy, beans, wheat, salt), coconut syrup 30% (sugar, water, natural plant extracts, flavouring), spices, herbs.

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